Cooler Master SickleFlow LED Fan Giveaway !

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Cooler Master SickleFlow LED Fan Giveaway !

Today we have a small but interesting giveaway for the Cooler Master SickleFlow LED Fan.
We will also give 3 random steam keys.
This is one of the most popular case fans for gamers/modders around the globe.
Some features are as below:
4th Generation Bearing – MTBF of 160,000 hours thanks to highly durable POM components.
Smart Fan engine – stops the fan when blocked to prevent damage, and automatically restarts the fan when it has been cleared.
Red / Blue / Green smooth LED lights provide freedom of choice to the users

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You may take a look,and if you want, buy one for yourself at the link below :
(Kindly note that although this giveaway is Global but winner will be only from countries where either amazon ships or else we can find other local retailers who accept paypal payment)

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