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Top 10 Upcoming Games of 2017

Take a look at what our partner blackheart909 thinks are the top 10 upcoming games of 2017. These games are either for PC or Consoles.

Comment below if you think we missed something or you have other games in mind.

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Top 10 Best RPG Games Of 2016 !

Category : Tech News & Reviews

Here’s what our friend blackheart909 thinks should be the “Top 10 Best RPG Games Of 2016”.
Do you agree with him? Let us know in comments below if you have some other games in mind.

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Here’s a spoiler free short review of Final Fantasy XV from our friend blackheart909.
Sit back and enjoy.

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MSI Z170i Gaming PRO AC Mini ITX Motherboard:Unboxing and Overview !

For those hardcore gamers who want to carry the PC to a LAN party there are many choices for components but it’s a pain to put the right combo together.
A motherboard is one of the most essential components for any gaming rig. Today we will give you a peek at what we chose for our $1500 SFF gaming rig. Our partner BlackHeartTech shows us the unboxing and gives some idea what to expect from this mobo.
A detailed review will follow soon.

Use the link below if you like the motherboard and want to purchase from amazon.
Product Link

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$1500 Tiny form-factor Gaming PC !

Watch what components are used in this blazing fast small form factor gaming pc at BlackHeartTech.
The built is a gamers delight but liquid cooling and a fully modular psu is what might complete this tiny monster built.
Our build has quality components from Cooler Master, Gigabyte, Corsair, Noctua, MSI, Intel and others and we encourage you to consider similar products for your system too.
We invite suggestions to improve/modify this system and also details of any small/tiny form factor gaming rig you have at present or plan to build in the future.

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Space Tactics… A game worth a try !

Our friends at welovebundles have a wonderful new game for those who fantasy adventures in space.
We all need more good quality strategy games about space! So let me introduce you Space Tactics.
Space Tactics is a hardcore turn-based tactics game all about space fleets battles. 20+ hours of gameplay. Singleplayer only.Multiplayer is planned for the upcoming updates.
Check the link below to see what they have on offer.
Click here

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Xbox Project Scorpio: Preview.

Our partner channel BlackHeartTech has a short preview of the soon to be launched (hopefully) Xbox Scorpio. Watch the video for some interesting details.

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Xbox Vs Playstation: Who Won at E3 2016?

Our partner channel blackheart909 takes a look at what the new Xbox and Playstation will be offering us soon and which one might be a better choice for you.
Which one for you?

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